Splice Tables

CTC offers Splice Table Assemblies in web widths ranging from 4″ to over 36″. The Splice Table is a fixture which helps an operator to clamp the leading end of a new roll to the trailing end of a recently expired roll while the Machine consuming the web is in a stopped condition. Once the webs are clamped, the operator manually trims both ends with a knife, using the guide bar of the Splice Table to insure an accurate cut.

The Splice Table is provided with pneumatic clamps and is furnished with separate pneumatic switches to actuate the front and rear clamps. The cantilevered Splice Table Assembly is furnished with a back plate to mount against a vertical surface. The wider splice tables are also outboard supported. Application engineering and special designs are available to accommodate different needs. Contact us for more information

27 Inch Splice Table - CTC International

27 Inch Splice Table

45 Inch Splice Table with Built in Knife - CTC International

40″ Splice Table with Built in Knife

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