Splicer Mechanisms

6" Tape Butt Mech.

6″ Tape Butt Mech.

As an alternative to buying a complete Automatic Splicer, CTC also offers Splicer Mechanisms in order to make automatic web splicing more economical for both OEM’s and End Users. Those purchasing a splicer mechanism might also be interested in the web accumulator. All PLC Ladder Logic is provided with the splicer mechanism, as is a drawing showing the required pneumatics to operate the mechanism. Pneumatic valves can also be ordered as an option.

28" Heat Seal Butt Mech

28″ Heat Seal Butt Mech




Types of Splicer Mechanisms Available

1. Tape Lap     
2. Tape Butt     
3. Heat Seal Lap    
4. Heat Seal Butt

Shear knife cutting systems are included standard, with hot wire cutting as an option for suitable materials. Narrower splicers utilize rectangular shear blades, while wider mechanisms utilize rotary flying cutter shear systems. The heat seal butt splicer mechanism is a completely “Knifeless” unit.  Contact us for more details.

16" Tape Lap Mech with Hot Wire Cutting

16″ Tape Lap Mech with Hot Wire Cutting


EDL Splicer Mech Can make a Lap or butt

EDL Splicer Mech
Can make a Tape Lap or Tape butt

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