Automatic Core Loaders

CTC’s Automatic Core Loaders are application engineered machines designed to be easily interfaced with our turret rewinders. They can be purchased with the turret, or field retrofit at a later date.

Automatic Core Loader

Core loaders are used to increase efficiency on jobs which have short cycle times where continual manual core loading is tiring. Various lengths of cores can be fed. It is also possible  to design the core loader to accommodate more than one core diameter.

The Core Loader is a free standing machine which is place in front of the Turret Rewinder. Its main elements are a vibratory feeder bowl to orient and feed the cores, a belt conveyor to convey the cores from the bowl to the placement mechanism, and the placement mechanism (a tube) which inserts the cores onto the spindles. The Core Loader is PLC controlled.

Roll Transport Conveyor


Also available are Finished Roll Transport Systems. These conveying systems accept the completed rolls as they are ejected from the Turret Rewinder spindle. The conveying belt carries the completed rolls away from the Turret Rewinder to a packing area. When a Core Loader is used, the conveyor system mounts on top of the Core Loader. The conveyor system is also available free-standing without the Core Loader

RW4-13 Turret With Core Loader





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