RW2-24 Turret Rewinder

The RW2-24 Turret Rewinder is an excellent selection for winding large solid webs that are hard to cut. The retractable shear cut knife provides the cleanest cut attainable on the widest range of materials.

RW2-24 Turret Rewinder

RW2-24 Turret Rewinder


  • Super compact design.
  • Unique Shear cutting system. Excellent for films and stretchy materials.
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Fastest Job Changeovers – Single bolt air shaft change.
  • AC Servo “clutchless” drive system. 
  • No connection between press and turret required.
  • Cantilever construction for easiest accessibility.
  • Air shafts
  • Taper tension or constant torque winding patterns. Precise tension control from AC servo drives.
  • Rugged Steel Plate Construction
  • Industry Standard PLC Control: Allen Bradley
  • Clean, accurate, full speed web tansfer.
  • Count in feet or meters.
  • Adjustable core stop.
  • Left or right hand models available.
  • Press E-Stop connection

    Large Roll Turret Rewinder

    RW2-32 Turret Rewinder



  • Larger Size Model for up to 33″ O.D.
  • Other air shaft diameters
  • CE compliance
  • Modem for remote diagnostics, program modifications and upgrades.
  • Precise count/cut between labels
  • Unique Tricycle gear caster system

RW2-24 Video

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