Web Festoons (Accumulators)

CTC Web Festoons (Accumulators) are application engineered for web width, total amount of web storage required, tension Web Festoons (Accumulators)range, line speed and material characteristics.

Web Accumulators are available in either vertical or horizontal configuration. They can be free standing or “plate mounted” for installation on another machine. They are available in capacities from 10 to 400 feet of web storage.

Large capacity Accumulators are designed with banks of moving carriages with each carriage fitted with two to five rollers, depending on Accumulator size. Accumulator rollers (fixed position rollers and carriage rollers) are typically aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The rollers can be straight, concave or convex, depending on the web and how it tracks through the Accumulator.

Web Festoons (Accumulators)Web Festoons (Accumulators)Web Festoons (Accumulators)Web Festoons (Accumulators)



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